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Internet Radio in North America

The channels are as varied as the localities with local news talk radio combined with Chart-hit radio available in almost every city. Many radio channels offer local programming combined with nationally syndicated services for news and the major programme personalities. National Public Radio - NPR - offers a nationally broadcast network of news, views and non-commercial entertainment and is essentially the US version of the BBC.

California, being the centre of high-tech, has one of the highest concentration of internet stations with New York following closely.

America and Canada are also home to the international success of College Radio, Offering anything from alternative rock to Jazz, many college stations operate part-time and are there to encourage self-development of students. The music is always varied but they are as close to real independent radio as you will ever get.

Inland and far from the coastlines are some of the most-interesting stations, supported and maintained by locals, they give an insight into the heart of America and Canada, with talk-shows and music to match. These often form the training ground for future stars and are well-worth listening to.

The internet only stations started here and although many have struggled for profitability, at Blind Radio, you can find the most varied assortment from Hard Rock/Metal or dance. Interesting to note is that very few stations have managed to run as newstalk, probably because of the lack of advertisers interest in low-volume listenership stations.

In 2003, with a change in the methods on how music royalties would be paid, some stations closed but after a brief hiatus of a few months, many more re-opened or new online stations came to take their place.

With the incredible variety of tastes and contemporary Christian stations growing constantly, you will always have to an internet station to listen to, so best of luck in your adventure with Blind radio across the online stations of North America.